The Numbers Game

Here is the number one thing I’ve learned since publishing MYRIDDIA. It’s a numbers game like any other business. I’ve become OCD about watching reports on this platform, that platform, driving myself mad over every spike and dip.

The truth is while I researched and read and read, and read, in search of the right things to do when publishing, the things I should never do, it still didn’t prepare me for the stark reality of a day when there is not a single sale.

It’s a numbers game in terms of financial success, but the lack of sales is also a hit to the writer’s soul. Why do we do this, spend hours of our lives tucked away from the world, creating new worlds, if not to share them, to revel in the knowledge that someone else might come along on the adventure and have a great time.

A writer spends months crafting this story, agonizing over every paragraph and then spends weeks chopping it up, agonizing even more over which words to cut, because let’s face it, there are always precious words to cut. When finally the work is done, you put it out there and you wait, hoping to see it soar, not unlike the first time you watch your child charge off to Kindergarten.

And, those first few days are ripe with sales, because hello sister, hello friend, and perhaps friend of friend. But, then the newness is gone, and quite suddenly  is it gone, at that, and you are left with just yourself and this work, waiting for the real public to take notice. You’re waiting for each increase of a book sold, daring to hope for a review that, if not ripe with accolades, conveys the real enjoyment of the reader.

That’s all we really want. That, and to send our kids to college like any other parent.


Thoughts Today

Today – What’s on my mind is the nearly overwhelming amount of PR that goes into marketing ones self – especially when you are absolutely ‘new’ to the field. I’ve written for so long for other people, it’s something of an overwhelming eye-opener to see just what goes into “getting yourself out there”.
I now spend as much or more time on social media as I do actually writing!
Should I join groups, if so, which groups? And, why aren’t there more conferences in areas I can actually get to? 
Yes, I decided to go the indie publishing route instead of the traditional and now it’s all on me – success, failure.
One thing I have already decided is that in the future I will make myself readily available as a mentor to some other starry-eyed writer who is just starting out in the indie field.


For me, as for a lot of writers, I believe, reviews are the things I long for and dread. In the age of the internet, I admit that I am fearful of those who give rabid reviews for the sake of – well, they can – just for kicks. An alarming number of people seem to take delight in shredding every ounce of something another person has put their blood, sweat, and tears into.

But, still – we crave them, those reviews. To know that someone is reading and -even better – Enjoying your words is a magical thing. I don’t watch the sales and think ooohhhh money, though yes I’d like to send my kid to college, I think – wow, someone in India bought my book, how cool is that!?

At any rate, I have my first official review on Amazon!


Behold –

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By  on December 3, 2015

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Let me begin by saying I don’t usually read YA books, but this one caught and held my imagination and interest from the start. I enjoyed the characters and the way they interact; large or small they each have their own distinct personality. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, so I am not going to reveal details, just to say it collected me up and swept me along from beginning to end and I was eager enough that I kept reading and reading, yet sad when I reached the end. I’ll be waiting for the next installment to continue the journey right alongside Darrah, Thane, Kine and the rest!


I did it. 

Eighteen months of writing, rewriting, self-editing, beta-readers, more editing, several pauses, and the natural upheavals of life later, it is done.

MYRIDDIA, Book One is published.

Going the self-published route was never an easy decision to make. I believed to be a real writer, I needed all of the very time honored trappings of agent, publishing house. But, the more I looked around and saw how the self-publishing industry is growing by leaps and bounds, and when I realized I might be able to have the book live much earlier, I decided to change course.

This process has definitely been a learning experience. I don’t have the cover I dreamed of, or even the one I first teased here. Sometimes, a starving artist just has to decide, food on the table or spiffy cover. This time it had to be food on the table. But, I am already planning for the next cover and an update on this one. All in good time, my friends.

I also plan to document my experiences here the best I can, the good, the bad, and the downright ugly. You know which ugly I’m talking about – no sales. Let’s just hope it never gets too ugly, I’m pretty sure my kid wants to go to college at some point.

I’ve always been one of those people who are scared of heights but who wants to ride the biggest, baddest, scariest roller-coaster of them all. I’ve been on this ride for 18 months and it feels like it’s just cresting the first big loop.

I’m hanging on, but I’m ready to throw my hands in the air and scream with excitement. Bring it on.