An Interview with Blue

An Interview with Blue

  1. Q. How old are you?
    A. 20. I’m old. (Snort – H)
  2. Q. What is your favorite subject in school?
    A. Right now, probably paleontology. 
  3. Q. Are you excited to be finishing high-school?
    A. Yes! (Definitely a silent Hallelujah! on both our parts. – H)
  4. Q. Do you intend to keep finishing online classes that are of interest to you?
    A. Yeah. 
  5. Q. Are you ready to study for the ACT?
    A. No, not really. (Me, either, kid. Me, either. – H)
  6. Q. What do you plan to major in at college?
    A. I still haven’t decided. (Art, animals, and geology/anthropology are the considerations. We’ve discussed how she might grow into a career that utilizes all of them.)
  7. Q. At this moment, today, what is your dream job?
    A. (noises) .. something to do with art. 
  8. Q. What’s your favorite color?
    A. Purple 
  9. Q. Has your favorite color changed?
    A. Yep, it’s been so many, but I guess this year it’s purple. 
  10. Q. What’s your favorite type of music?
    A. I like all types of music. I don’t have just one favorite.
    Q2. Do you have a favorite song?
    A. Nah, no, I’ve never understood the concept of having one favorite song. Or, band. I like all songs. 
  11. Q. Has your taste in music changed or grown to include more genres?
    A. Yeah. (She is so forth-coming. /s/ – H)
  12. Q. What’s the best book you’ve read so far and why?
    A. The book Alexis sent me, Eleanor and Park, because I think it kinda helped me through, understanding, I guess going through the breakup and going through stuff like that. It just helped a lot. 
  13. Q. What are you most afraid of?
    A. Heights, and I guess being alone. I think a lot of people feel that way, deep down.
    (They sure do, love. – H)
  14. Q. Where is your dream place to live, if you could live anywhere? Why?
    A. I don’t know. I can’t think of anywhere, at the moment. Uh, all I can think of is somewhere close to the ocean, so I could go to the beach and listen to the water.

    Blue’s first glimpse of the ocean.
  15. Q. What is your favorite art style?
    A. Uhh, I don’t have one favorite art style. I don’t even have my own single art style. My art changes depending on what I’m drawing.
    Q2. Are you interested in learning other mediums of art?
    A. I think so. Sometimes. Sometimes, I like where I’m at, right now.

     *Fun Fact – My Blue girl has been creating new art for a FB game for over a year now. They work around her schedule and pretty much accept whatever she wants to give them. It’s been great for helping to teach her that in the real world, work deadlines and quality expectations, along with constructive criticism are all things she’ll have to live with as an independent woman. – H
  16. Q. What do you think is the scariest thing in the news these days?
    A. I guess the fact that we could be going into war any minute. 
  17. Q. Do you think you’re conservative, liberal, centrist, or something else?
    A. I guess something else. We all know I’m not a conservative. 
  18. Q. Do you believe in star signs?
    A. I think they’re cool, but I don’t really believe in them. They’re cool to study, though. 
  19. Q. Chocolate or vanilla?
    A. I like both, but I think right now, vanilla. (Specifically, vanilla frosted sugar cookies from the store bakery. She would eat a package a day, if I’d buy them and let her. – H)
  20. Q. Coffee, tea, or coke?
    A. Sweet tea. (We are southern, after all. – H)
  21. Q. Breakfast for dinner?
    A. Yeah, I like breakfast for dinner. You make good breakfast for dinner. 
  22. Q. Best vacation you’ve ever had?
    A. Uh, there’s a lot of vacations I’ve liked, but I think the one we just had. I’d like to go back to the beach. The water was cold, but a good cold.
    Q2. Do you feel like the ocean played any part in soothing the symptoms of your autism or anxiety?
    A. Yeah, it just felt like I was on a rhythm. 
  23. Q. Saddest day of your life so far?
    A. The break-up. 
  24. Q. What are your goals for the next ten years?
    A. I guess being able to live on my own. And, not having to worry.
    (Don’t worry, kid. I’ll worry for us. – H)
  25. Q. Do you want to be famous? Why or why not?
    A. Uh, in-between. I want to, but at the same I don’t. I want to be noticed, but at the same time I don’t. It’s just too much pressure. (She’s been planning her Academy Award speech for Best Animated Film for years! It always includes, “And, you’ll be in the audience sobbing, right, Mom?” Yes. Yes, I would be, Blue. – H)
  26. Q. Do you believe in God?
    A. No, but I also can’t prove there isn’t one, either. I am agnostic/atheist. 
  27. Q. Do you feel like you were pressured not to believe in God because of who you grew up with?
    A. No. I just feel like it’s just like kids growing up with Christians. It’s just how it was. I wasn’t pressured. I’ve been to church, I’ve seen that. I’m not interested. 
  28. Q. How many kids do you want?
    A. Two. But, we all know I’m going to end up having four. 
  29. Q. What do you hope they look like?
    A. I don’t know. I don’t care what they’ll look like. I’ll love them any way they are. 

    *Fun Fact – She is bi-racial.  Caucasion (Mostly Irish/Welsh & Native American through myself) & Mexican. (We think. Her biological  father was adopted. We hope to do a DNA kit at some point. We always joke about what  her kids might look like. People have thought she’s Puerto Rican, Japanese, black/white, you name it. We get a kick out of it.)


  30. Q. What is your favorite T.V. show, right now?
    A. Santa Clarita Diet. That was funny. I liked it. I already know Lost in Space is going to be my favorite.

  31. Q. Top 5 shows?
    A. The Walking Dead, Supernatural, The Good Place, The Good Doctor, and iZombie, oh and ZNation. There’s a lot of zombie shows I like. (Hence the reason my next book includes zombies. – H)
  32. Q. What are your favorite 5 movies?
    A. All the Jurassic Park movies, Zootopia, Moana, Harry Potter series, The Paranormal Activity movies. I really like scary movies. (When she was little, we watched Forest Gump at least 900 times. No lie. – H)

    *Fun Fact – We saw Harry Potter in the theatre when Blue was four-years-old. She was so into it, I barely had to remind her not to narrate the entire movie. There was one particuarly intense moment when Harry seems in great peril. The theatre is silent. Then, suddenly, in that silence came the sweetest, most intensely worried little voice sighing out loudly, “Ohhhhhh, Harrrryyyy.” The entire theatre erupted into laughter. It was the sweetest, cutest moment.
  33. Q. What is your favorite animal?
    A. I like ALL animals. I can’t pick just one. I guess if I did. You know what I’ve always liked since I was little, is tigers. (Seriously, I did not realize it was tigers. I would have guessed snake or shark. She is an animal fact machine. Land or marine life, she’s your go-to. – H)
  34. Q. How do you feel about hunting?
    A. I don’t like hunting as a sport. But, if you’re maybe living off the land, using all the body, respecting the animals, you should go for it if that’s your thing. Cause, I know no one is going to stop hunting. It’s just in our blood, instinctual, to survive. 
  35. Q. If you saw a woman being abused, would you step in?
    A. I would try, too. It would take me talking myself into it. Because, I’m not strong at all. But, I would try, even if it meant putting myself in-between them. 
  36. Q. And, finally, do you understand what autism is?
    A. Just means I function differently from everybody. My brain is on another level, that no one else can understand. That’s neither good or bad. It’s in-between. 
  37. Q. What do you think is the most common misconception about autism?
    A. That all of us are the same, that we can’t talk, can’t take of ourselves. I guess that we can’t do things that “normal” people can do. Everybody seems to think that autism is like Down’s Syndrome. And, even they’re not what people think. People think we can’t do anything, because we don’t do it at the right time or the right way. We’re normal to us. We just have our own way of doing things. 
  38. Q. How does it make you feel when someone says, “You don’t look like you have autism.”?
    A. Makes me upset, because it makes me think what does autism look like to them? 
  39. Q. If you could magically wake up without autism, would you want to?
    A. On some days, I do. But, other days, I’m just like it doesn’t matter to me. 
  40. Q. Do you prefer autistic girl or girl with autism?
    A. Neither. I guess if it had to come up, I’d tell them. But, I just want to be known as Lyli. (I’m sorry it has to come up so often, Blue. – H)
  41. Q. How would you describe stimming to non-autistic people?
    A. You know how you like to tap you fingers on the table sometimes, or bounce your leg? It’s like that for me, but like times ten. It helps me calm my nerves down. Or, it helps distract my mind when I need to be distracted. 
  42. Q. Do you feel like your skin picking is a form of stimming or just related to your anxiety and OCD?
    A. Probably in-between, but also the self-harming kind of thing, the relief. 
  43. Q. What relief does skin-picking give you?
    A. I don’t know how to explain it. It just feels like a wave, just washes over, I guess. I guess it’s like, taking out my anxiety, or something.

  44. Q. What is your favorite food?
    A. We all know I love food. I don’t know why you’re asking. We all know chicken wings are going to be on top. I could eat some right now. 
  45. Q. Lastly, What is your ideal way to spend a day?
    A. You know that answer. Sleep in. And, get up and play video games in whatever awesome video game room that I have. Eating all the food. And, having people over to hang out.


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