Do You Lucid Dream, Too?



Let me start by saying, this is not in any way an official anything on lucid dreams. I’m just in a mood to talk, and this has been on my mind lately. It’s probably silly to some, but it’s been fun to discuss with Blue.

I have always been an interesting sleeper. As a kid, I would end up at the other end of the bed, sideways, you name it. I talk in my sleep, much to the past amusement of friends and partners.  I cry so hard at times, I wake up sobbing. I laugh and giggle aloud. Years ago, before Blue, I would often wake up and see people who weren’t really there. Some talked to me, others just looked at me, and still some just went on as if I didn’t exist.

And then, last summer I began to lucid dream.

In one dream, I was hiding behind a log in a grassy field. I was evading detection from either aliens or warring factions. Suddenly, I’m watching my own self and I’m telling myself, “Heather, look up. Look at me.” and I/she did. I proceed to tell her/myself, “Look at who you’re with here.” It’s Brad Pitt. So very funny. I’ve never dreamed of Brad Pitt. It was Legends of the Fall era Brad Pitt. And, surely, if you’ve seen Legends of the Fall or Troy, you’ll know, at least at that time, he had a great, ahem, backside. Yep, it was just as great in my dream. At any rate, I was lucidly dreaming. I knew that I was in a dream and I was able to talk to myself. However, I woke up quickly and that was that. Unfortunately, I have no scandalous memories of my time with Brad.


A week later, I had another lucid dream. I don’t remember much of the dream, other than the fact that again I knew I was dreaming and I had a back and forth conversation with myself. I was driving in a neighborhood, circling the same block over and over. I was in a 1960’s style coupe and I kept passing this one particular house that had tall, narrow, evenly spaced shrubs that bothered me. Eventually, as I drove down the street again and again, the shrubs began to morph and turn into leaf men aliens. It sounds funny to hear, but it was actually a really anxious, fearful situation as it happened in the dream. I knew I was dreaming, but I couldn’t stop it. I woke up just as one of these tall, gangling, terrifying leaf aliens was reaching out to grab the back of my car.

After my brush with attacking shrubs, I didn’t have another lucid dream again for a few months. Life got pretty intense, and I guess my sleep was just too exhausted to be adventurous. But, then. . .

The Binary Code Dream

What I remember of this dream was that I was lucid, someone spoke to me, a voice from the darkness not connected to any body, and at the end, the entire dream was washed over with binary code. It was a spacey type dream and I was ooh’ing and ahh’ing at the fact that I was swimming through the universe, basically, when a voice speaks into my head. I wish I could remember the exact words. I wasn’t smart enough to write it down. But, it was profound. Something akin to, “We are here.” and then the view turned black and binary code just poured into the space.

Blue is convinced it was aliens, or God, or even humans from the future sending a message back to me. I’m not sure what I think. But, whatever it is, we agreed that I should work more on controlling my lucid dreaming.

The Newest Dreams

So, last week before I went to sleep, I laid in the dark, exhausted, mentally reciting that  I was going to remember my dreams, control my dreams, and dream of Sam and Dean from Supernatural. (Laugh all you want, I thought they’d be a good time. Ha.) I envisioned myself walking down a tropical beach with them, and then at dinner with them. I’d read an article on how to lucid dream that day that suggested envisioned two scenes from what you wanted to happen.


People – I DREAMED of Sam and Dean from Supernatural! I walked down a beach with them, had a nice conversation with Sam. (Odd, because I’m totally a Dean girl.) and just generally enjoyed myself. I was not able to control the dream, or to separate myself from it enough to really talk to myself in it. But, I knew I was dreaming.

Second night – Rinse and repeat. This time, I was on a case with the Winchester boys on an episode of Supernatural! Again, I didn’t speak to myself and I didn’t separate enough to be able to actively control the dream. But, it sure was a fun time.

I’m thinking now, I’m going to start keeping a dream journal, keep practicing controlling what dream I have and who is in them. And then, move on to actively trying to be lucid enough to change the scenery, the action, etc.

How wonderful would it be to be able to recognize you are having a nightmare, pause the action, and change it? As a child, I had two very distinct recurring nightmares. I remember every frame of those dreams to this day. I wish I would have known then how to recognize it was just a dream, and then change it. I don’t have many nightmares now, they’re fairly rare, but it would be so nice to cut them off at the knees.

That’s where I’m at. What do you think? Did aliens speak to me? Was it God? Am I just crazy?

Have you ever had a lucid dream, or do you regularly? Let me know in the comments!


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