About Heather

Thank you for clicking to learn a little more about me.

In 2015, I published my first full-length novel, MYRIDDIA. Half-way through the second book, life got in the way, and when it got back on track, I took a detour into a new story and am currently finishing a novel about zombies. (Inspired by my zombie loving kid.) Soon, I’ll be back in MYRIDDIA with Darrah and her friends, finishing book two and starting the third and final book in that series.

I’ve been writing all of my life. I can remember writing stories in third grade that my teacher would have me go class to class and read aloud. My 9th grade English teacher was the one who told me I needed to be an author and enrolled my in a Young Authors Conference that year. Unfortunately, there wasn’t really anyone else in my life, at that time, who would guide or encourage me any further.

Before MYRIDDIA, I had previously published some short stories and poetry under various pseudonyms. However, I never believed I had what it took to go all the way and write an entire novel. Thanks to the persistent urging of some very dear people, I took the plunge and spent a year writing and editing, while living on a shoestring budget. Seeing my book listed was one of the proudest moments of my life, a moment I hope to repeat often.

MYRIDDIA is a little piece of my soul. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I look forward to hearing from you, your thoughts and comments, whether good or bad, so that I can better learn to hone my craft. With a dozen stories all clamoring to be written, it’s safe to say that when the story of MYRRIDIA is finally finished, there will be a lot more to come!

I hope you will enjoy coming by to read my writing, see what’s coming up, or enjoy hearing my sometimes way out ramblings on a variety of subjects that might include family, autism, recipes, travels, woes, celebrations, life in the south, and more.



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